Hello, and welcome to fungi imperfecti.

Yesterday, I decided that I want to pursue a life in mycology.  I think the word ‘life’ is appropriate, given that my conversations with mycologists over the years have exploded any misconceptions I may have had about success, fame and fortune as a result of studying this remarkable kingdom. So, a labour of life it is.

fungi imperfecti is the name of this place for a few reasons. The first, and most obvious, is because of the authorship; I make no bones about being a complete and utter neophyte, amateur, n00b, primordium, whatever you like. Hopefully this will change! The second is as a tribute to Paul Stamets, owner of Fungi Perfecti – he’s the exception to that rule about success, fame and fortune, and a huge inspiration for me. Third is because of the haphazard nature of my mind and this blog: Fungi imperfecti (a.k.a. Deuteromycetes) was the original black hole of fungal taxonomy, where most of the non-sporulating fungi got lumped, presumably before being rescued into a more perfect phylum – take that metaphor as you will! Lastly, the name references an old in-joke with my family – I’ve never taken well to the notion of perfection, asserting from around age 3 that one could only ever be ‘almost perfect’. fungi imperfecti it is.

So, here I am, today. I’ve got a defined purpose now – gearing my life around a biological kingdom, that’s massively exciting, understudied and under-appreciated. Let’s see how it pans out. In the mean time, enjoy the errata of fungi imperfecti

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